art naming 奇能
apr-jun 2020

(re)naming works by other artists

this is an attempt at archiving the original #namingart instagram account with about 150 posts (3 posts per day for ~50 days) that has since been banned and deleted without warning i think due to copyright issues?? (i dont own the pics or works, obviously)

Black Hole and Arriving Train (1923) by El Lissitzky
The Eye Underwater (1953) by Yayoi Kusama
Ecotopia (2013) by Han Sai Por
I DARE YOU (2001) by Tracey Emin
Reintroduction of Black (1959) by Franz Kline
Leg Implant (1975) by Mike Parr
My Blue (2004-2009) by Louise Bourgeois
Left-Right (2015) by Jigger Cruz
Self-Portrait Smiling (1975) by Robert Mapplethorpe
Pieces of Sea (1988) by Félix González-Torres
The Labour of Paint (2008) by Francis Alÿs
Sometimes, Far Blue (1963) by Agnes Martin
Dinner Party (1886) by Vincent Van Gogh
Envious (1968) by James Turrell
light/it pours (2014) by Xinyi Cheng
David Also (1984) by Keith Haring
MEN DONT (1983-85) by Jenny Holzer
Light at Sea (1912) by Edvard Munch
Something Inward (1973) by Helen Frankenthaler
Landing (1986) by Richard Long
Partial (2012) by Tang Dixin
Road Painting (1986) by Xu Bing
Sharing My Vision (1995) by Rirkrit Tiravanija
Through the Heart (2011) by Xu Zhen
Moving Mist (2011) by Li Chen
Racing (1979) by Chris Burden
Everyday Work Under the Sun (1946) by Jacob Lawrence
Burning Time (2012) by Tatsuo Miyajima
Please Don't Box My Strawberries! (2013) by Noriko Shinohara
Honeycomb (1998) by Wolfgang Laib
Splash of Blue (1969) by Lee Krasner
Sunset (1917) by Georgia O'Keeffe
Your Colour (1995) by Barbara Kruger
Untitled (Wave) (2014) by Anoka Faruqee
Trying to Find A Way Out (1974) by Dennis Oppenheim
Unworn Dresses (1994) by Amanda Heng
Selfs (1970) by Bruce Nauman
Self-Portaits (1978) by Andy Warhol
Frida with Frida (1939) by Frida Kahlo
Afternoon in the City (1955) by Joan Mitchell
Inflatable Portable (1966) by Claes Oldenburg
Inside Transformation (1963) by Anni Albers
Incensed (2007) by Zhang Huan
Red Indentation (1963) by Donald Judd
Holding Up (2014) by Nan Goldin
Colour of Sky (1917) by Piet Mondrian
Daybreak in Venice from Hotel Europa (1840) by J.M.W. Turner
Flower (2004) by Ai Weiwei
Lion in a Coma (2002) by Richard Billingham
Sunnyday Pool (1982) by David Hockney
Shadow No. 3 (1968) by Gerhard Richter
In the Image of God? (2013) by Martin Parr
Skipping Bull (1973) by Elaine de Kooning
Impact (1968) by Richard Serra
Mannequin Muse (1930) by Alexander Calder
Magenta (2001) by Christopher Wool
Monster Double (2000) by Maria Lassnig
Camouflage (1942) by M.C. Escher
Private Bath (1890-91) by Mary Cassatt
For when we cannot see ourselves (2012) by Olafur Eliasson
Melting Installation (2012) by Joan Jonas
Still A Light (1936) by René Magritte
I have your back (2013) by Choi Xooang
Competition (1959-60) by Aleksandr Deyneka
Under New York City (1938) by Mark Rothko
Even in Old Age (2012) by Cindy Sherman
Hands (2010) by Michaël Borremans
Hands (1913) by Egon Schiele
Hands (2017) by Lorenzo Quinn
Horse (1978) by Alberto Giacometti
Horse (1910) by Franz Marc
Horse (1943) by Xu Beihong
Cold Building Blocks (1961) by Anthony Caro
Walking Outside in My Mind (1956) by Joan Miró
I Am Sunflowers (1998) by Yasumasa Morimura
Wind Painting (1960) by Yves Klein
Parallel (2014) by Leandro Erlich
Pulling Our Weight (1999) by Do Ho Suh
Square (1955) by Herbert Zangs
Square (1964) by Henk Peeters
Square (1925) by Paul Klee
Bed (2010) by Andrew Lewicki
Bed (2014-15) by Emma Sulkowicz
Bed (1994) by Sarah Lucas
#smileinsolidarity (2020) by Jolovan Wham
#smileinsolidarity (2020) by Jolovan Wham
#smileinsolidarity (2020) by Jolovan Wham
ABSENT (2008) by Barbara Kruger
Tophat (1964) by Marcel Duchamp
Frozen Pink (1995) by Rachel Whiteread
I can fly if I want to (1963) by Robert Rauschenberg
Setting (1965) by Roy Lichtenstein
Body Too (1998) by Elizabeth Catlett
Untitled Folding (1973) by Dorothea Rockburne
Dance of Land and Hills (1935) by Max Ernst
In the Oblivion of Fantasies (1979) by Dorothea Tanning
I AM (2009) by Hank Willis Thomas
For Your Consideration (2014) by Hank Willis Thomas
Confessions (2009) by Hank Willis Thomas
Bulbous (1995) by Ruth Asawa
Hand at Work (1946-49) by Ruth Asawa
Upwards Outwards (1946-49) by Ruth Asawa
Declarations Series (2015) by Lawrence Lemaoana
On the Backs We Go (2013) by Lawrence Lemaoana
Ascension only in the Dark (2008) by Lawrence Lemaoana
Untitled (I Am Not A Man) (1972) by Ana Mendieta
Untitled (Birds of a Feather) (1972) by Ana Mendieta
Untitled (Grassbody) (1978) by Ana Mendieta
Organ Shards (1977-81) by Hannah Wilke
what i was to give (1960s) by Hannah Wilke
in sickness and in shame (1992-93) by Hannah Wilke
Untitled (Bughead) (1982) by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Protective Headgear (1981) by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Before the Beginning of a Head (1983) by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Black Dada (2012) by Adam Pendleton
In the Collective Subconscious (2018) by Adam Pendleton
Black Die (2007) by Adam Pendleton
Building Building (2015) by Cao Fei
Supraworkers Series (2004) by Cao Fei
Automatron (2017) by Cao Fei
Field of Vision (1974) by Alma Thomas
Blossom (1969) by Alma Thomas
In the Between of Blues (1969) by Alma Thomas
Under the Bushes and In the Night (1966) by Faith Ringgold
Private Wed (2010) by Faith Ringgold
Double Take (1964) by Faith Ringgold
Recycleables (2012) by Shu Lea Cheang
Spin Me Baby (2006) by Shu Lea Cheang
In the Inside Inside (detail) (2019) by Shu Lea Cheang
Chapel (2007-9) by Oanh Phi Phi
Layers of Defense (2013) by Oanh Phi Phi
Son Ta: Views of Vietnam (2014) by Oanh Phi Phi
For Our Sky (2006) by Yoko Ono
Halfness (1967) by Yoko Ono
From These Will Rise (2008) by Yoko Ono
Intertwine (2017) by Francesco Clemente
Onerous (2016) by Francesco Clemente
Everyone is Looking at Everyone (1983) by Francesco Clemente
Up there (1979-80) by Georg Baselitz
Sun (2004) by Georg Baselitz
Sweet Dream (2000) by Georg Baselitz
Dragged Ballad (2004) by Melati Suryodarmo
Deposition (2008) by Melati Suryodarmo
When I was hung or floating untouched (2011) by Melati Suryodarmo
art naming (2020) by art naming
art naming (2020) by art naming
art naming (2020) by art naming