the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
(but what colour is the dog?)
I AM HERE FOR YOU is a physical book-like document that documents performance in its varied forms and their inherent politics through still media. These embrace the obsession with Truth-seeking in performance (and in art), the separation (or integration) of the actual self from the performing self (or the art), the power play between the artist and the audience. Weaving and wending through art criticism, autobiographical reflection, confessional poetry, philosophical musings and personal correspondences, the hybrid text records the ephemeral and the refashioning. These selfs that the artist invoke is a (re)visitation (a (re)performance) of past hauntings and present conundrums that culminate from hard labour physical, emotional, psychological and more. This is an entirely personal endeavour that might be difficult to witness. The artist expresses gratitude to you for trying.

This document began in late 2018 and was submitted as the Capstone in partial fulfilment of the BA (Honours) in Arts & Humanities with Yale-NUS College in 2019. It was awarded the Outstanding Capstone Project Prize.

contact me if you would like to spend time with a copy or there is also one in the Yale-NUS library

the document had a second print run funded through kickstarter in 2020!